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Michael Bade

LIPS 2018 Conf. Chair; Assoc. Vice Chancellor Capital Progs. & Campus Architect, UCSF

University of California San Francisco (UCSF)
UCSF Real Estate
654 Minnesota Street, 2nd Floor
San Francisco, CA 94107

Mr. Bade is a California registered architect with an M. Arch and a B. Sci. from UC Berkeley and is Associate Vice Chancellor – Capital Programs at the University of California San Francisco. Mr. Bade is a key participant in UCSF’s physical and capital planning processes, and oversees design standards and design outcomes for a program commitment of over $2.5 billion over 10 years, including over $400 million for seismic remediation projects.

Prior to joining UC, Mr. Bade spent nearly 12 years in Tokyo, Japan engaged in architectural design, project management, and program delivery for a wide range of international companies in the high-technology, international banking, software, pharmaceuticals, and photographic imaging industries. In Japan, he was exposed to cutting-edge practices in building technology, design-build project delivery, and construction quality. These made a lasting impression, and motivated him to explore lean design and construction methods upon my return to California.

He is past Chair of the Board of the Lean Construction Institute, and also past President of the San Francisco Chapter of the American Institute of Architects (2011), and a past member of the California Council of the AIA (2012-13). He has worked in the University of California Office of the President, providing coordination and oversight services for projects system-wide.

In his spare time (assuming he has any) he enjoys photography, travel, hiking in wild nature, music, and long dinners with friends.